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The Bridge Bags – Real Italian Leather

The Bridge is a well-known company in Florence city of Italy, which was founded in 1969 for the manufacture of leather bags and other leather accessories. Now it is famed worldwide for the high quality of its leather products and the artistic skills involved in designing and manufacturing the Bridge bags or wallets. There are varieties of bags manufactured in this company, including the handbags, large trolley bags and small purses. These bags are available in all the major retailers’ shops around the world now.

Main attractive features of The Bridge Bags

The Bridge handbags are made of very elegant designs and the bags have very shiny appearances. Actually, the amber rollers are used to polish the leather, along with other chemical processes. So the natural shiny looks of these leather bags lure every buyer in the shops.

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The animal hides are fully processed in the tanneries of Florence, with animal fats and vegetable tans. The whole processes are done by greatly skilled artisans, who take care to preserve the texture of the hides and maintain the quality of the leather. All the processes, starting from cutting the animal hides to the finishing of the tanning are looked after by the well trained and experienced employees of Bridge Company.

Generally, harmful chemicals are not used in the tanning or colouring procedures of these leathers. Instead, the leathers are pressed repeatedly with the wool buffers and only done by hand. Hence, these hard efforts result in the most brilliant colours and textures of the leathers that make the greatest Italian leather bags. These leathers are also doubly polished by hand, to make the most brilliant bags with these finished materials.

All the Bridge handbags are stitched with the finest threads that do not tear off easily; thus ensuring the best longevity of these bags. These special threads are imported from the best-reputed thread company of Germany.

The metals used in the Bridge bags are real brass, which do not rust or be damaged easily. Hence, these bags need very little maintenance from the owners.

Apart from bags and luxury handbags, Bridge is also well known for manufacturing briefcases, backpacks and travel bags. The Italian leather bags are mostly known to be manufactured by Bridge Company. So all the bags are provided with guarantee period, as these bags usually last for many years.


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